Programmes and Courses

Skill and real creative talent means doing many things well, not just one.

–  Steven Spielberg (renowned film director and producer)

Programmes and Courses

The programmes/courses available at SBAI have been significantly influenced by global trends and enabling national factors, notably: the digital technology which has redefined the means and mode of production, distribution and exhibition; Online Certificate, Undergraduate and Post-graduate courses; and establishment of the Nigerian Entertainment fund and Nollywood Grant (ACT).

The ultimate goal is to provide, on the platform of SBAI, Programmes and Courses which will empower our graduates and enable them to be self–employed, or invaluable Human capital resource assets to their employers.

The SBAI runs four (4) different Programmes, namely:

  1. The Certificate Programme
  2. The In–Plant Programme
  3. Tertiary Institution (TI) Out–Reach programme, and
  4. National Diploma (NID) Programmes in Film and Television

Production (FTP), and Performing and Media Arts (PMA).

Certificate Programme Courses include:

  1. Television Commercial Production (TVC)
  2. Documentary filmmaking
  3. Cinematography
  4. Photography
  5. Directing
  6. Sound
  7. Editing
  8. Scriptwriting
  9. Producing/Production Management
  10. Costume and Make–up
  11. Production Design /Set design & Construction
  12. Continuity
  13. Acting
  14. Broadcast Presentation (Radio, Film & TV)

In concept, design and execution, these courses stress professionalism, with the right mixture of the theoretical and the practical. Emphasis, however, is on the practical. In all cases, the Courses will seek to excite and enrich the capability, original creativity, initiative and experience of the student. At the end of the Course, the student is expected to have acquired sufficient skills to perform as a professional in the industry.

The Certificate Programme Courses have been divided into three stages:-

  • Stage 1:                       Introductory
  • Stage 2:                       Intermediate
  • Stage 3:                       Advanced

Thus the courses have been designed to meet the specific special needs of both the aspiring entrants into the industry and of practitioners, irrespective of background.

A training calendar for these Courses is issued at the beginning of every year. This training calendar and a detailed course outline are available on request.

SBAI will be drawing on the wealth of the experience of industry practitioners and the academia in its quest to promote quality training and capacity building in the creative arts and entrepreneurship.