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“What really makes you a good actor is a combination of talent and training.”– Prof. Kole Omotoso (playwright, author, and critic) SBAI’s Performance and Media Arts (PMA) programme is based on the curriculum of the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE). Courses of study offered in the programme cover the broad spectrum of performance and media arts such as: Fundamentals of Stage Craft, Fundamentals of Music, Performance Techniques, Theatre Origin and Development, Introduction to Nigeria Theatre , Writing and Scenario Development, Technical Arts, Costume and Makeup, Choreography, Technical Arts/Workshops/Projects, English Language and Communication skills, Entrepreneurship, etc. SBAI’s PMA graduates are trained to become skilled creative men and women who can become self-employed creative entrepreneurs, or employees in the theatre, motion picture sector, the broadcast industry, etc. Our Mission Statement: Raise professional creative artists with entrepreneurial skills and spirit; and Motto: Skill, Knowledge, and Empowerment, boldly espouse this. Student Projects and Production Workshops are important aspects of the programme designed to give students early exposure in the practical phase of their course, offering them opportunities to face and tackle challenges of staging, managing and presenting excellent performances utilising the tools, skills, and crafts of the trade. “The living theatre is a changing theatre and must present the audience with a constant challenge.” – Anne Jellicoe (playwright, director, and actress) “Movements, and certain gestures, can reveal the inner life of a character. So you have to feel comfortable in the character’s body and in balance with his physicality.” – Fred Ward (actor, producer, and model) “The actor is your hero once the script is finished. That face, those eyes, that mouth. Those fingers. That’s what you’re stuck with. Or grateful for. And when it works, they bring things to it you never saw, because they make it deeper.” – Paul Mazursky (award-winning screenwriter and film director) The faculty is composed of knowledgeable professionals, educators and performers in their own right with several years of practical and teaching experience.
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