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SBAI’s Film and Television Production (FTP) programme is based on the curriculum of the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE). Courses of study offered in the programme are wide-ranging and designed to produce proficient and skilled graduates who can become self-employed creative entrepreneurs, or employees in film/television production companies, the broadcast industry, motion picture post-production companies, distribution and exhibition companies, digital sector, Information Communication Technology sector, etc. This is in tandem with our Mission Statement: Raise professional creative artists with entrepreneurial skills and spirit; and our Motto: Skill, Knowledge, and Empowerment. Courses include such varied subjects as Script-writing, Producing, Directing, Still Photography, Cinematography, Sound, Editing, Acting for the screen, English and Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship, Computer studies, Production Workshops, etc. The broad spectrum of the curriculum is an affirmation of the fact that the motion picture is recognised as an art, a craft, and an industry. “Filmmaking,” said Prof. Alfred Opubor (Mass Comm.), “is an art, an industry, and big business.” FTP students are trained to acquire skills and working knowledge of the tools of the trade in writing, directing, production management, camera, editing and sound; communication skills, entrepreneurship, etc. Student Projects and Production Workshops are to give students early exposure in the practical phase of their course, bearing in mind that: “Knowing how to manipulate an audience is far more important than knowing how to manipulate the technology of film. . . . Drama is based on manipulating hearts and minds.”– Howard Suber, Prof. Emeritus UCLA Film School, California, USA "Filmmaking takes a lot more than mastering technology and techniques." - Guillermo Navarro (cinematographer) Faculty members are knowledgeable professionals with several years of practical and teaching experience.
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